Real Parents Tell All: Why DockATot Was our Sleep Savior

September 30, 2018

Dockatot newborn sleep tips

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Real Parents Tell All: The Truth About Baby Sleep
Every new mom feels the pressure to purchase a crib or bassinet. Those new baby items are always at the top of the must-buy baby registry list. But truth be told, when it comes to getting newborns to sleep, it's the DockATot Deluxe + that new mums swear by. Here, we're sharing some of our top new parent testimonials about DockATot and what makes it such a lifesaver for those first months and years of new mum life.

newborn sleep tips

DockATot Story: My daughter would only sleep in my arms
Dock dad John C. says: "Figured I didn’t need a DockATot since we had a bassinet, a crib, et cetera. After 7 weeks of our daughter ONLY sleeping in my arms, while I sat up on the couch... the time had come to purchase the DockATot in our last attempt to establish a safe sleeping environment for our baby that worked for our family. BEST decision ever and it has been blissful since. I can go to sleep feeling at ease, and best of all she sleeps so well because she feels hugged all night. I should have bought a DockATot sooner, but now I know. Worth every penny, and then some because our daughter feels safe enough to sleep peacefully as many hours as she’d like, which means I sleep better knowing she’s getting the sleep she needs."

dockatot baby sleep tips

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DockATot Story: A bassinet just wasn't cutting it!
Dock mum Chelsea C says: "We had our bedroom set up with a pack and play and bassinet for our new baby girl. She wouldn't have anything but mum and dad's arms, so we went to the internet to find ideas to help us all get some sleep at night. That's where we came across blogs and recommendations on the DockATot. A great way to co-sleep without worrying about her. The price made us hold back a bit but after another week of sleepless nights, we bit the bullet and ordered one. We are so glad we did! She sleeps right in between us and is so cozy doing so. We all love it!"

Dockatot newborn sleep tips

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DockATot Story: Sleep did not come easy for our baby
Dock parent Bobbie G says: "I don’t know how to explain the difference this makes for my son other than, it’s magical. He did not sleep well in his crib, or pack n play, he woke up all night, tossing and turning, wouldn’t nap at all, it was exhausting for all of us. Now he sleeps from 8-8, like, by magic lol."


dockatot newborn sleep tips

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The Magic of DockATot
So what exactly is it that makes a DockATot so special for sleep? These are the elements that we consistently hear from new parents:

  • The comforting and soothing environment recreates the cozy womb environment, a must for that "fourth trimester" when baby craves that snugness.
  • It's perfect for co-sleeping. Many new parents find that the best place for baby to sleep is in the adult bed. DockATot provides the safest spot for babies who are co-sleeping with mum and dad.
  • It's portable! The DockATot allows baby to sleep anywhere and everywhere--beaches, airplanes, hotels, grandparents' house--you name it!

Newborns love our Deluxe, but when it is time to upsize to the Grand DockATot? Find out by reading this.

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