Hey Mama today I am breaking down my full review of the DockATot Grand. I have received a lot of DMs and texts from friends about it. I think because Jack just turned 2 people were asking me what the heck does he do with it? Well, he absolutely loves it!!

Initially I thought Jack may be interested in it for a few minutes and be over it, but he uses it all the time.

We have been using the DockATot Grand for lounging in the house, naps in our bed, and we just took it on holiday with us to our 1 bedroom condo. This DockATot was so helpful when we had to put Jack down in our bed to go to sleep. Jack is still sleeping in a crib (he hasn’t figured out how to get out yet) so I was a little nervous that on holiday putting him to sleep in our bed in his DockATot would be a disaster, and it wasn’t.



Jack went right to sleep and stayed snuggled up in the DockATot all night. Stefan and I slept on both sides of him and we had a huge bed and were able to sleep comfortably without a toddler rolling around jabbing us in the middle of the night, if you know, you know!

We are going on holiday again in August and we will definitely be bringing this DockATot with us for him to sleep in.

I also use it for nap time when Jack naps in our bed like the spoiled prince he is. I like that I can lay him in the DockATot and not worry about him rolling off the bed onto the floor. Which brings me to my next point of transitioning him soon to a toddler bed. This DockATot Grand is going to be so helpful for him transitioning out of his cot into his big boy bed!

Lastly we’ve been using the DockATot for lounging when he watches his Baby Einstein shows or when I want him to settle down I’ll lay it out on the floor for him with his blanky and he loves just chillin in there.



Besides being fabulous and looking cute because let’s be real I didn’t choose the black and white marble print for nothing… The DockATot has really great features:

-Made in Europe, designed in Sweden.

- OEKO-TEX certified

- All natural, 100% cotton

What more could a mum ask for? I want something that is cute, functional, and all natural and the DockATot Grand really was all of those things.



I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something like this. I am so bummed I didn’t know about this company when Jack was a new baby or I would FOR SURE have gotten the DockATot Delux co-sleeper.


xo Natalie


Review by Natalie Schwartz - The Modern Mamahood


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