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November 25, 2020 3 min read

People ask, what’s my favourite stage and I think of you.

As you were placed into my arms.

So small and new with those perfect wrinkles that would have me forgive mine.

Those little cries I didn’t yet recognise, that sometimes were my own.

How the days were in slow motion yet at the speed of light.

I missed being held too but I loved holding you.

I loved it so much, even through the rolling clouds.

The rain to my fall.

The new to my born.

And I melt into a puddle when I think of those days.

My absolute favourite.


And now you’re crawling and so am I trying to figure out what you’ll get into.

I can’t help but think not long ago I was wearing you, and now you’re wearing your personality with pride.

Your confidence is growing and so is mine.

My tears fall more freely now.

I couldn’t be without you and I carry worry wherever I go.

The piece to my puzzle

The softness to my edges.

My absolute favourite.


And now you’re standing, and I’m standing a little taller too.

You’re a chaos that gives me life and you’ve unlocked my heart completely.

As you take your first wobbly steps you look at me.

‘Is This OK’? you ask with your eyes.

I would do anything for you I think.

‘It’s Ok’ I nod back.

The weight of your love and how you look to me is insurmountable.

The sun to my rise

The spring to my step.

And I’m filled with flutters when I think of those days.

My absolute favourite.


And now you’re talking to me in full sentences. You’re growing into those bloated cheeks, a little boy you’ve become before my eyes. When the wind sings a new tune you’re there with questions, so many questions and I just hope I can do them justice.

And those belly laughs, I wish I could bottle them up and store them for when you stop laughing at things like peek-a boo.

You’re still so small in this big world, but it’s yours and your eyes are so knowing.

Every season told and every season to be written is why we are here in this very moment.

The beat to my heart

The script to my dreams

And now we are lying on your bedroom floor, a toy car in your tiny hand hovers above our heads and you tell me about its racing stripes, “it’s really fast Mummy, it’s my favourite car” and I look over at you and tell you it’s my favourite too.

My absolute favourite.


Words by Jess Urlichs for DockATot

Follow Jess on Instagram - @jessurlichs_writer

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