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September 30, 2021 4 min read

As you’re approaching the birth of your little one, you will be scouring the internet for essentials you’ll need once baby is earth-side. One of these items will be a changing bag for those on-the-go nappy changes. 

A parent’s life is made so much easier with a bag specifically designed to carry baby stuff. It's not the carrying of the stuff that matters, but the finding of the stuff that is way more important especially in those messy situations!

As a new parent, when you need something, you need it now! Every second spent rummaging around the bottom of a bag just escalates an uncomfortable situation.

A good changing bag is well designed, with multiple compartments, allowing you to store and access things easily. It may have removable pockets, handy outside pockets, or practical straps for attaching to a stroller. When you have experienced these features in all sorts of parenting scenarios, you are eternally grateful that someone took the time to design such a bag!

Parenting Tips: 7 Essentials to Pack In Your Nappy Bag by DockATot

So, what do you put in a baby changing bag?

Here are 7 essentials every parent should pack in their changing bag. 


1. Nappy Changing Basics

This is a whole category, because you cannot just ‘wing it’ when it comes to nappy changes in public.

You will need…

  • Several nappies. One is never enough! Out of the house, babies often refill their nappy immediately after being changed into a new one. Fit as many in as you can, you’ll thank me later!
  • You will also need a changing mat, because some emergencies just don’t allow the time to find a bathroom. Some changing bags, like the DockATot Clutch Changer, have changing mats built into their design.
  • Then there are the baby wipes and nappy bags, so you can place the dirty wipes and used nappies straight into bag and into the nearest bin. Some situations call for scented bags, but you can be the judge of this.
  • Nappy cream is essential, a baby lets everyone know about their sore bottom.
  • And finally, it's always handy to have a couple of spare onesies for when leaks occur.


2. Feeding Basics

If you're breast feeding you may like to carry a muslin cloth to cover yourself in public, and to clean up any dribbles. This also doubles up as a handy burping cloth. But be warned, your baby will hardly ever spit up directly onto the cloth, no matter how strategically you place it! Extra breast pads are also incredibly handy, especially for women with heavy milk flow. You can find both washable or disposable ones.

If you're bottle feeding, you'll need to plan for how long you'll be out of the house, and pack more sterilised bottles than you think you'll need. Bring formula milk and a flask of hot water to make it. You’ll know your baby, so pack whatever you need to create the formula that works for them.

Parenting Tips: 7 Essentials to Pack In Your Nappy Bag by DockATot

3. Snacks for Baby and Mum or Dad

We all know that looking after a small baby can take a lot of energy! We find having a healthy, energy-boosting snack in your changing bag can be a real lifesaver as a new parent. Cereal bars, a banana, a cheeky chocolate bar - whatever you need to keep you going. Don't forget a bottle of water too, particularly if you're breastfeeding - it's thirsty work!

And if your child is old enough to hold something between their fingers and munch, having baby-friendly snacks in your bag for when you want to take five is a must.


4. Sunscreen and Sun Hat

Part of living in this beautifully warm and sunny part of the world is that we must be prepared for when the sun strikes. Have a small bottle of sunscreen handy that is safe for baby’s skin.

Sun hats are also great for pulling down over little eyes squinting in the sun!

Parenting Tips: 7 Essentials to Pack In Your Nappy Bag by DockATot

5. Spare Blanket

You’ll be taking it off, and then putting it on. Your child will be kicking it off into the street, and it'll be getting trapped under your stroller wheels. But a spare blanket is a life saver if the weather gets unexpectedly cold, and you want your little one to be comfortable. It can also double as a breastfeeding cover-up or spit-up cloth if needs be or even an impromptu picnic blanket.


6. Baby Toys

Maybe not necessary for newborns (who are likely to be asleep most of the time anyway!), but for babies 3 months and older, spare toys will keep them entertained. And if you can make them dangle, even better!

Check-out our Toy Sets. They're detachable, so you can use them with the DockATot Toy Arch on your dock, but you can also clip them to your stroller when out and about.

Parenting Tips: 7 Essentials to Pack In Your Nappy Bag by DockATot

7. A Book or Magazine

This one may be wishful thinking, but in those precious moments when your child is asleep and you find yourself with time to yourself, you’ll appreciate the distraction. Take a moment away from technology and enjoy flicking through the pages of your favourite book or magazine.


So, do you need a baby bag?

In short, yes! And now you know exactly what to pack in one to ensure you are prepared for any eventuality.

Parenting Tips: 7 Essentials to Pack In Your Nappy Bag by DockATot

Simplifying life for new parents, DockATot is your extra set of hands.

The multi-functional DockATot is the perfect place for your baby to lounge, play, rest, cuddle, and enjoy  tummy time. The DockATot is here for you no matter where the day takes you! Created to mimic the womb and voted as a must-have baby product, parents and babies around the world love DockATot.


From parents who know:

"Life saver! No matter if we are home or out and about, we always take our DockATot with us. So easy for on the go and also easy to clean." - Alexia D.

"Best baby investment ever - worth every dollar! Extremely versatile and handy, it's like having an extra set of hands. My boy Quinton absolutely loves his DockAtot. Time to upgrade to the Grand soon." - Anna D.

"This has honestly been my lifesaver post c-section. The DockATot means I can have him next to me all the time and not move around too much." - Meagan L.


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Parenting Tips: 7 Essentials to Pack In Your Nappy Bag by DockATot

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