It’s amazing what you learn being pregnant and having a baby. The advice pours in from all angles – everyone with their own opinion about what you should be doing or what you should be buying. You launch in to not knowing how you’ll do it and then all of sudden there's this overwhelming amount of information and you think you need every gadget under the sun.

Through my experience there are a few things that have been absolute lifesavers – or things we learnt from doing and wish we’d had them the whole time. So take it or leave it – I don’t want to add to more overwhelming info – but these are some things that I couldn’t I’ve without.  So I hope it helps a little. 



This is probably our most favourite thing we own – we take it everywhere.  When she was very little we would put it on the floor and she had all her naps in it if she wasn’t on our chests. So she was always cosy and near us. We take it to friends houses, on the plane to have at the airport, on holidays so she always has somewhere to lay down and/or sleep that's safe and comfy. When she was 6 weeks old we started co-sleeping with it so we would put it between Chris & I in the bed and she would sleep in there. Literally a lifesaver and worth every single penny. 


Love to Dream Swaddles

We started Harper wearing these at about 4 weeks old as her arms kept escaping her swaddles and when we didn’t have her in a swaddle for a nap she loved her arms in the air. These were perfect and settled her so well. She knew as soon as it was on it was sleepy time. They are so cosy – and we have one that's light for hotter nights – where we just put a singlet on her – and ones for cooler nights where she’ll have a onesie on underneath. She has since progressed to the arms out swaddles 50/50 which she loves


Jak Organics

I can’t use any other wipes now. The Aqua wipes while she’s still only breastfed are just amazing. So soft on her skin, pure, organic and natural. Perfect thickness – some you get are so thick and others are so thin they just rip. Once she started formula and solids the Baby wipes have been a god send. We also love their Soothe balm for babies bath, cracked nipples and a sore perineum post birth.


Onsies with Zips

Ok, so we had all these beautiful onesies with press studs and buttons, and leggings and tops…all a pain in the bum with a newborn. When you’re changing that many nappies a day, in the dark at night, in random places – you just want quick and easy zippers.


Pigeon Bottles

This one we didn’t work out till WAY too late – so get on it quickly. Every baby is different here – we got recommend so many different types that are still in the cupboard – these ones were recommended and are the only ones that work. Soft and small teet. We started with the size 1 and by 4 months she was size 3.


Bright and Colourful Toys and Play Mat

We went out and bought a beautiful grey and neutral coloured play mat that looked so lovely in our living room. (New mum fail). We had been giving a Lamaze toy – Waddling Wade – from a friend which was super bright and as soon as she saw it  – she was hooked.  She didn’t care about the neutral coloured play mat – she wanted bright colours. I wish I’d just brought a cheap, colourful one now as bright colours is what keeps babies interested. We LOVE the Lamaze toys – they have sensory elements – so they makes sounds, have different textures, they come in books as well – so they’re learning as well.  She has them hanging off her mat now, off her car capsule, in her nappy bag – they come everywhere with us. 


Jak Organics Soothe

This one is great not just for the bubs but for mums too.  Soothe – we put it in her bath and makes her skins so soft but it was also fantastic for my nipples early on when I started breastfeeding and also on my perineum to help with the healing. 


There are of course – other things we use and do but all very generic – these are the things I couldn’t live without

Hope it helps 


Love and Life,

The Figure


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