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June 16, 2020 3 min read

"Finally got around to whipping up a blog post/list of all my favourite things for a newborn. These are all the things I genuinely used this time round for Goldie. I don’t think you need too much at the start, and none of these things will do what we all really want in those early days, like get up in the night and feed your newborn while you sleep through… but these things will help make those early months a tad easier.


 My Top 8 lifesaving items for a newborn…

The DockATot, I can’t say enough good things about this product. It is portable so I could take it to my mum’s house, no need to travel with a bulky portacot in those early days! We would put her in it up off the floor to keep her away from the other two kids. It replicates a ‘womb-like’ environment which became Goldie’s bed in the day. She loved being in it as it created a nice, safe, comfy space. A lifesaver.

Best advice I got was a  Portable Car Seat – Maxi Cosi Carrier,  What ever car seat you get, needs to fit into your pram! In the early days you don’t want to wake a sleeping baby every time you get them out of the car, whether you are going to school drop off, friends or cafe. They can be carried around in there uninterrupted. Also just lift out of the car and attach to your pram and off you go no problem. This one fits into both The Baby Yoyo Zen pram and the Bugaboo Pram. (I have the double Donkey – Lifesaver for the boys as they were born close together.)



Baby Bjorn Mini – Having a baby carrier Is necessary as all my kids loved being close to me and would spend day sleeps in there when chasing the other crazy two. You can hold them and have your hands free. This one has no lengthy time to put it on, no wrapping needed, just strap it on and its ready to go. (My husband loved this carrier too.

4 Moms Rocker, She loved it from day one, unlike other rockers, she would stay in this one for a decent time, which meant I could run around like a crazy women, getting things done. Cause it rocked and had the mirror to look at, it meant I could get a good length shower in and actually make dinner when she was in there. She still liked it up to 6 months.

TommeeTippee Click and Twist Nappy Bin, Saved hundred’s of trips to the bin, and helps that it doesn’t look to bad in her little room.

JNR Life Playmat  -Goldie loved kicking on the ground from an early age, and rolled at 3 months, she spent a lot of time on this Mat. Not only cushioned and comfy, but it looks good. This play Mat wont cramp your style, with the cool colours and the round shape, it suited the look of our house. Another Australian, local label I love.



Lollipop – Smart Baby Monitor –  We personally like seeing them, saves us going in and interrupting the sleep (Goldie is a light sleeper) So having a monitor with a good quality camera, & can easily attach and wrap around anything to get the best views is what we were after. My fav thing is that it’s all done through an easy app on your phone. Plus more than one phone can log in at one time, so both my husband and I have the apps, and its such a clear video.

(Have to add an eighth) Breast Pumps, For those breast feeding…  There are so many different brands out there and they can get confusing. I have used a few and the easiest one is the  –Tommee Tippee Electric Breastpump Gen 2 "



Guest Post by Anna Mac

Photography by Nicole Pas Photography

Originally published here



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