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May 07, 2020 6 min read

As a first time mother I remember not knowing where to begin when it came to what to purchase for baby. I would google baby check lists on the internet like a maniac! Thinking I needed so much and spending a fortune only to realise when she was here that I’d wasted a tonne of money. We just didn’t use everything and it turned out to be a whole heap of unnecessary purchases.

Being a second time mum I am much wiser when it has come to what I need to have ready for my son when he arrives in Jan.

This list has been compiled from my personal experience and the experience from my readers who are mamas too!

Let’s start with the Must Haves!

  1. Bassinet. I used Alina’s bassinet for all sleeps aside from when she was in her baby lounger. The bassinet was perfect because I could set her up to sleep in my room, nap in the living room etc and she’d be in full view and ear shot. We didn’t move her into her cot until around 8 months from memory when she outgrew her her Bassinet.

  2. Baby Lounger. With Alina I loved it because when we’d go out for picnics/ play dates, she’d nap in it next to us during the day and when visiting family. This time around I have a DockATot.

  3. Feeding Pillow. My feeding pillow was a great purchase because the amount of time I spent breastfeeding Alina in those early days. Holding her would kill my arms and the pillow would take all of her weight so we could feed comfortably.

  4. Breast Pads. My advice if you’re planning to breastfeed is make sure you stock up on breast pads. I couldn’t believe how much my milk leaked when I wasn’t feeding. It helps absorb the milk so that it doesn’t soak your bra and clothing. I do know you can get reusable breast pads so that is definitely worth looking into.

  5. NursElet. I didn’t have one of these when I was feeding Alina but I have one for bub this time around. NursElet keeps your shirt securely out of the way while you nurse or pump. Wear it as a bracelet in between feedings. I was constantly holding my shirt up during feeds so this will give me a free hand back haha.

  6. 5 in 1 Multi Use Cover. Zoe Sage multi-use cover can be used as a breastfeeding cover, car capsule cover, trolley cover, high chair cover and an infinity scarf for mama. The Fabric is warm in the winter and lightweight in the summer, perfect for my Summer babe!

  7. Nappy Bag.

  8. Car Seat.

  9. Pram.

  10. Window Shades for the car (if you don’t have your windows tinted).

  11. Play Mat. A nice, soft and cushiony mat for tummy time, I have a gorgeous playmat from Theodore and James

  12. Baby Monitor. I had an angel care without video with Alina and it was great as it had the breathing monitor and also sound so I could hear her if she woke/was unsettled. 

  13. Change Table. I’m not getting a change table this time around as I explain below but I am purchasing a change mat and a Bubs First change cover (because they’re AMAZING and you can wipe them down, not material which is a big poo catcher haha). I will also get a basket and keep change table items such as nappies, creams and wipes in the laundry for downstairs changes and in my room for upstairs changes (he won’t have his own room until we move).

  14. Muslin wraps. Alina loved to be swaddled and I’ll do the same with baby so I’ve stocked up on around 10 that way I’ll always have enough clean ones on hand.

  15. Sleep Suits. Love to dream were another winner with Alina and are with most babies as advised by other mums who contributed tips to this blog.

  16. Organic Baby Wash & Moisturiser.

  17. Breast Pump. If you plan to breastfeed but also have some help I recommend a breast pump. An issue I ended up having was that Alina wouldn’t take a bottle, so I ended up having a great and very expensive pump go to waste (not to mention milk waahhhh). I do know that you can hire pumps from the hospital or from a chemist so I recommend doing so and then purchasing one if your baby is a little champ and takes a bottle!



And for the ‘Don’t Needs’

  1. Cot - I didn’t use Alina’s cot until she was around 8 months old so it’s an expense I don’t need up front. I won’t be purchasing one for this bub until we need one.

  2. Change Table. It’s a great idea in theory but I never used ours! I just ended up using her change mat (the thick foam one you put on the change table) on the floor/couch/bed etc as it was just more convenient for me personally.

  3. Baby shoes. So unnecessary and uncomfortable for baby, socks work best to keep feet warm.

  4. Baby Bath. A lot of mums have said a baby bath was a waste of time and I also found this too. We did a lot of sink baths and just ended up bathing Alina in the bath with us from week 2!

  5. Bottles. If you plan to breastfeed and pump do yourself a favor and don’t stock up on too many bottles until you see whether bubs takes a bottle. I wasted so much money on bottles and Alina simply just never took one.

  6. Baby Swing/Bouncers. A lot of mums said their babies just never stayed settled in them long enough so they didn’t get their moneys worth and this was true to my case too. If you have a friend or family member who could loan you one to try out first I definitely recommend taking that route.

  7. Sleep Training. This is from my experience and the experience of other mothers. You will either get a baby who enjoys sleep, or a baby who doesn’t. In my opinion I found sleep training guides a waste of my money and energy as I just simply couldn’t realistically follow them if I wanted a life to put it bluntly and this time around with a toddler and a new baby I just won’t be able to follow much routine so I intend to go with the flow. That being said, there is more then enough free information on sleep assistance that I feel if you need help you can find things to try on trusty google.of the day each baby is different and eventually they do sleep! I promise (even if it’s 2.5 years later haha).

  8. Too many outfits. Myself and the other mum’s who contributed their tips found that we went and purchased so many beautiful outfits that just never got worn because bubs simply grew too quickly! So the best idea is to buy the necessities and then once bubs grows out of them, do some more shopping :)

  9. Baby Bath Towels. Bubs can just use the towels that you and the rest of your family use, unless you want super cute towels with bunny ears then go for gold haha.

Well, there you have it! I hope you found this helpful. Don’t forget to share with anyone you know is expecting!

@lovedbyemily xx



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