One of the major attractions of DockATot is how multifunctional it is. This is not an accident -- in fact, we designed the dock to be a super-portable and multitasking answer for families. Our thoughts are: Why schlep five pieces of baby gear along with you when you can just bring one and have it tackle all your needs. There are the more obvious functions, such as supervised naps and tummy time, but there are so many unique ways to dock your tot. We love checking out all of the amazing ways our dock families are using their DockATots. Here, some of our faves:




DockATot for Fuss-free Cooking

Bet you didn't know DockATot could be an amazing sous chef! When you need your hands free to chop, sautee and grill, DockATot steps in and keeps your little one happy and cozy. 



DockATot for Easy Showering 

You know those days when even taking a shower seems like an olympic feat? Well, thanks to DockATot you can have less of them. The trick to getting mama clean is putting baby down in their dock on the bathroom floor. This way they can see you and you can see them but they're not keeping you from tending to yourself. A hot shower is sometimes all mama needs to recharge.



Mama Life Balance - Working From Home

Enjoy feeling calm and contended by keeping up to date with your work and life admin while your baby snuggles in their DockATot. Your baby will feel safe and settled by your closeness, giving you time and space to balance your mama-world. DockATot is the next best thing to having your baby in your arms!



Picnics - Family Time

DockATot is your perfect lightweight on-the-go bed providing your baby the rest they need wherever life takes you.



Supervised Nap Time

Many mums have called this product their ‘sleep saviour’ and attributed their survival of early motherhood to the DockATot! With thousands of 5-star reviews, the patented DockATot is specially shaped to reinvent the womb. For your baby, it’s next best thing to being in your arms!



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