One of the most amazing aspects of the DockATot is its ability to be so many things at once. With the DockATot, your lives will be way less cluttered and you'll save money in the long run. Here, all of the benefits you'll get from DockATot:



Tummy Time Aid
Tummy time is essential to a baby's development. It helps them develop their neck muscles, gives them a new vantage point and helps prevent flat head syndrome. Needless to say, making sure your little one logs in their tummy time every day is important. The DockATot Deluxe has dense and rounded sides to allow for easy and safe tummy time. By placing baby’s arms and upper body over the side, they’ll appreciate the comfortable elevation.



Travel Baby Bed
Rather than rely on questionable hotel cribs or bedding, pack your DockATot with you for all of your journeys. DockATot has been a travel lifesaver for so many parents. Not only is it great for sleeping inside the hotel, but you can bring it down to the pool or beach so baby can nap while you lounge. No need to hurry back to the hotel room for nap time. Thanks to our DockATot Transport Bags, bringing your DockATot along on holiday just got even easier. 



Co-Sleeping Baby Bed
For families who co-sleep, the DockATot has become a baby gear essential. Says DockATot mum Jill F, "I never expected to be a co-sleeping mama, until I had a son that would only sleep on his side next to me or in someone's arms. My husband and I managed to make it through three months of some restless nights until the DockATot arrived. My son now sleeps on his back and the movements from his arms and legs no longer wake him up. I also feel so much safer having him in his dock so that we can safely co-sleep. We will be buying the next size up!"



Baby Lounger and All Around Mother's Helper
The DockATot is the ultimate baby lounger. It allows mamas to get stuff done around the house while baby is being snuggled by their dock. For work at home parents, this is a life saver! It was created to mimic the womb and it soothes and comforts baby while mama is able to have her hands free.



Play Time
There's no better spot than a DockATot for babies and toddlers to get in their play time. The Grand Dock is roomy enough for two to get cozy in. Little ones can read books, play with dolls or use their docks as a chill out spot when they need some downtime. DockATot also allows families the luxury of living a minimalist lifestyle. With less stuff around, it allows you to spend more quality time with your family and less time cleaning up. 


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