How to Host a Party with Kids | Guest post by Enlightened

November 08, 2018

As a new parent, you may be craving some time with other fully-formed humans but daunted by the idea of having to host a party when you’ve got a little one (or more) to take care of. Taking that first leap and deciding to host a party with your kiddos involved can be daunting. There are so many moving parts when you host a party, and adding a child to the mix may make you want to turn around and crawl back onto the sofa with some pizza and TV.

Because we’re such big fans of fun, and a good challenge, we pulled together the top tips for throwing a successful party for you and your friends while keeping the little ones entertained. You might be surprised at everything you can juggle when you try. Super parents can do it all!

Why bother throwing a party at all, you might ask? Why not just meet up with friends for coffee if you want some conversation about something other than Sesame Street? If you don’t want to host a party, definitely don’t! But if parties are something you enjoy, we’re here to help you pull it off. Host a party with kids in attendance and feel like a superstar doing it.


  1. Have a co-host. Having someone to take over when you need to pop out for feeding or changing is a huge asset. Ask anyone you feel comfortable with to show guests to the bathroom or refill glasses when more urgent priorities come up.
  2. Keep your arms free. Yes, parents are superheroes, but that doesn’t make eating and chatting with a fifteen-pound baby in your arms easy! Place a DockATot next to you to keep an eye on your little one while letting them get some tummy time or take a quick nap.
  3. Don’t go late. Having kids often means you’re exhausted by 6pm, so host a brunch get-together instead of a usual dinner party! Not only are pancakes and eggs way easier to whip together than dinner and appetisers, but everyone can be fed and gone by late afternoon.

Ages 2-4

  1. Keep them snacking. It’s a fact: kids get grumpy when they’re hungry. While you prep and host, keep your little ones from running on empty with nutritious snacks like ENLIGHTENED Broad Bean Crisps--you might even grab a few for the extra protein to power through--and fresh apple slices.
  2. Have entertainment readily available. Your kid may be the life of the party but probably won’t have the stamina to hang with the guests the entire time. Once they’re bored of the hubbub of cooking and new faces around them, have some distractions on hand stave off any breakdowns. Coloring books and craft for the win!

Ages 5+

  1. Let them help. If you’re quick to say no when little hands want to help prepare for guests, try saying yes and see what happens! Given the opportunity to be responsible for a task, kids often rise to the challenge and become an asset rather than a hindrance to party planning.
  2. Have a kids party, too! Yes, your kids want to do everything you do, but no, they don’t want to drink chardonnay and discuss politics. Throw together a mini version of your own shindig for the kids with juice in fancy cups, healthy snacks like broad bean crisps, and games.

Are you going to host a party soon? 

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