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May 06, 2020 2 min read

The excitement of expecting a new baby can quickly turn to bewilderment when you realise just how many baby products there are! It can be hard to know what you actually need, what will work or what will eventually just clutter your house.

As a mama to four beautiful kidlets - and as someone who likes to keep life simple - I thought I would list my baby essentials to help you.




The Glow Dreaming combines pink noise, red led light therapy and aroma therapy in one scientifically proven product to help you baby sleep. You can pick and choose which features you actually use, whether it be all four or just one.


The Ergobaby Original Swaddler is an innovative design that keeps baby’s legs in the ergonomically correct ‘healthy hip’ position and secures the arms close to the heart to ensure your baby sleeps peacefully. 





Babywearing Saved. My. Sanity. I particularly loved using a newborn wrap for those first few months. It was so soft and felt like a second skin...my husband and I would actually fight to wear our baby in this. Such sweet snuggly moments! I then used a soft structured baby carrier which I used until my kids were all toddlers.





Baby Monitors give you peace of mind when your baby is sleeping. The Owlet Smart Sock is super smart since it monitors your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels



I found a Nappy Bag that converted into a backpack absolutely essential. I managed to keep all my baby gear on my back and wore my babies on my front. This combo meant I was handsfree and ready to roll at a moment's notice without having to lug around a bulky pram. 



The Haakaa Breast Pump is a simple, manual design for quick and effective pumping. As well as expressing pre-feed, the Haakaa pump allows you to capture ‘spilt milk’ from the opposite breast as well—and as anyone who chooses to breastfeed will know, spilt milk IS something to cry about.


Bath time can be hectic, luckily the Shnuggle Bath supports baby to give you your hands-free.



Such a list would be very incomplete without mentioning the DockATot. With hundreds of thousands of parents using a DockATot daily, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t bought one earlier. The DockATot has been designed to recreate a womb-like environment to snuggle and soothe your baby.  

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