I’ve sung DockATot's praises before. It is one of my absolute favourite parenting items. Sawyer has a DockATot Grand now and I seriously wish we had had a Deluxe when he was a baby! We just got one for Oliver and love it.

When it came in the mail, my Grandmas was visiting, and, like most people, she asked “what is it for?”

How can you use the Deluxe? There are so many ways to use a DockATot, you won’t know how you lived without it!



My Top 3 DockATot Uses


The DockATot Deluxe is a great place to put your baby during the day for lounging and naps. And now that you can add on a toy bar, it’s even stimulating! Oliver loves staring at the cute black and white animals, it’s so cute! He’ll lounge in the DockATot while I’m working, cleaning, or taking care of his brother. It’s a comfortable and safe place for him to be while I tend to other things.



Tummy Time

It is perfect for tummy time. You can prop baby up on the rounded sides which encourages them to use their neck muscles.




Spending the night at Grandma’s? Going out of town? The DockATot is perfect for travel. Giving your baby a comfy, cozy, and safe place to sleep without having to lug around the pack n’ play or rent a hotel cot.



The DockATot is a newborn must have. The DockATot reinvents the womb to provide a soothing environment for infants. It’s also made with hypo-allergenic fabrics that do not harbour heat to keep your little one comfortable during use. Your child will feel safe and secure as they drift off to dreamland in a DockATot. And you can rest easy knowing they are safe and snug.


 Review by Katie from All Things Lovely


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