As a new mum-to-be I was inundated with products, opinions and choices when it came to getting ready for our baby’s arrival. After speaking with friends and family and doing as much research as possible I knew that having a portable safe place for our baby to spend time in was going to make our lives a lot easier, especially in those early days.

And the DockATot is exactly that, a multi-functional relaxing, playing and cuddling dock for your baby that you can take anywhere.

The DockATot looks deceptively simple but answers many pressing issues for new parents. The multi-functional design offers a safe space for your baby to relax and play and a cozy climate for baby massages or nappy changes. I found the DockATot wonderful as I could easily move it into different rooms with me, all while knowing that Patterson was in a comfortable space that he loved to play in. It has a removable and washable cover plus there are many amazing accessories that make it even more interactive and functional - make sure you check out the DockATot Play Arches and Toy Sets that brings playtime to your dock.


Guest Post by Eve Gunson from Dot + Pop



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