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The DockATot is one of those baby products with multi-functional uses. Have you thought about where your baby will sleep when you are hanging out in the lounge-room or when you're have a shower? You might have also asked yourself, "Do I really need a DockATot? Is it really worth it?"

I am going to provide two different answers here...

For the first time parent, the answer is YES. An absolute YES!

Purchase the DockATot for your newborn. If you have the luxury of purchasing a range of baby products, my advice is to purchase them when you are pregnant with your first child. This is the child you can get away with it all! By the time your second comes along and if you survived without the product before, then your husband might not be so understanding.

kATot once, then you can do it again. However, it could make your mum-of-two-life much easier...and by 'easier' I mean save you purchasing other products that a DockATot can replace. It saved me from purchasing a changing station for downstairs as I can just pop bub in the DockATot and change on the lounge, desk, kitchen or wherever!


 Multi-Functional Uses of a DockATot

  • Portable spot
  • Play mat
  • Protection from siblings
  • Beach lounger
  • Nappy changing station


Multi-Use (Cruz in the DockATot protected from his big sister, shielded from the sand and the sun with the DockATot Cabana Kit Accessory)


It is usually quite a few months before most parents are comfortable with their little one sleeping in their own room or sleeping unsupervised. The DockATot allows you to keep your baby close for supervised sleep whenever you are. I also believe it's helpful for babies to get used to sleeping in different environments. From early on it's a good habit to start surrounding your new addition with general household noise that they might not otherwise be exposed to by sleeping solo in the bedroom. This will help your baby become a flexible sleeper, happy to sleep wherever the family action is.


DockATot Will Help Your Bub Learn Day From Night

It is important to instil good habits to help your baby recognise shorter day naps from longer night sleeps. I love having a DockATot on our lounge simply for this reason. By staying with the family, Cruz understands day time naps are when the world is awake and active. I can easily transport him around the house by carrying the DockATot to the room I may be in.

Since Cruz is our third child (second earth side), I have found so many uses for the DockATot. One of them being, protecting him for his big sister's overwhelming love. If Elle sees Cruz – she is there in a flash. However, when he's snuggled in the DockATot she is less likely to attempt to get overly close to him.



Yes, A DockATot is a Product You Will Love to Live With.

The DockATot not only has many uses but it is beneficial for the sanity of a new mum. There are accessories you can purchase for the DockATot such as the Cabana Kit (pictured earlier) – My husband was so impressed with the Cabana Kit and so am I that I am glad we have it for beach trips.



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